Frozen Five

Ran my first race after having my little man. I know I'm way over due and I waiting way too long to get back into racing. I had registered for a race in January but I was sick with the flu. This race was rather unorganized when it came to parking. I know it wasn't their fault but a little frustrating after driving 45min to the location and then having to figure out where to park until they finally decided they were going to shuttle the runners to the grounds from a near shopping center. After that small bump in the road we were off and ready to go. Due to the parking issues they gave the option to start the race unofficially timed as close to the original start time or for those still being shuttled and wanting to wait for the officials to start the race. I was getting sleeted on and so I was ready to go. There was no way I was going to PR with such terrible racing conditions so I headed off with the first group. The trail was covered with snow and ice.

It consisted of two loops. After the first I was ready to quit. My left ankle and knee were killing me. Felt like sharp shooting pains. Likely due to the uneven terrain. I had my yaktrax on but they wouldn't stay on. Not sure why. So I ditched them. I hate holding things while running. I tried to find them on my second loop but someone must have thought they stumbled upon gold. Little do they know they suck in such conditions. Beyond the point I survived and am now so proud of myself. Unofficial time was 1:09 on my watch. I stopped once for a bathroom break and took a couple walking breaks when my knee wanted to give out. Now I'm waddling around the rest of the day.

Next up our nieces 2nd birthday party.

We had a blast. Ate awesome food from superdawgs and enjoyed a very special ice cream cake covered in m&m's.

Then she open all of her amazing presents. And Alex wanted to join in the fun and play dress up with the girls. Couldn't have asked for a better day and evening.


Wake. Up. Mom!

Since the little guy decided to wake up at 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday, doesn't he know that we sleep in on the weekends. Like a good mommy I got up and we played until 9:30 when he finally surrendered and decided it was time to nap. So, I dusted off my garmin (charged it, since it was dead) and laced up my muddy running shoes and hit the pavement. I would be lying if I said it was easy and it felt great and refreshing. But, I did it! Although it was difficult I pushed and pushed and played endless mind games to make it through the two miles without walking/stopping for a break. I can proudly add two measly miles to my miles log for 2012. I leave you with a silly picture taken last weekend of my boys.



I'm Back

I know it's been way too long and I probably have no readers left. I just ran today for the first time in months. Until now I had nothing running related to discuss. It's been unseasonably nice in Chicago and I finally decided to take advantage of it with my new christmas present from my dear husband. I introduce to you my newest running partner- BOB. Which I have renamed TOM since my husband doesn't run. This way I get to pretend that he's running with us. This run wasn't only about trying/testing out the BOB/TOM  it was also Alexander's first run, EVER! He really seemed to enjoy it or actually not mind it. He typically falls asleep while in the stroller- while walking, but today he stayed awake until the last second. As soon as our run was over his eyes shut. I have a feeling the bumps kept him from snoozing, but I think, I hope he gets used to all the movement while with TOM. The weather is due to remain mild for part of the week. If my legs feel up to it tomorrow I hope to get back out there for another run with baby and TOM.



i'm a busy bee lately. lots to catch up on. here is what i have been up to. lots of running around. literally.

first my run with grace went well. i realized how difficult it is for a 10 year old to focus on one thing (running) for 30 minutes. i ran at her pace since i didn't want to intimidate her, because then she may never want to run with her aunt again. so i tried to make small talk, asked her how school was, and all her other activities. i realized how much of a busy bee she is. she's dancing in the joffrey ballet again this year (3rd year in a row), she also dances on wednesdays for her usual dance studio, and she obviously is now in xc. since our run was a week before halloween she was preoccupied by all the decorations. the great news is since our training run which was a little more than a week ago, her school placed high enough to make it into the championship race. super proud of her but i'd like to take some credit. i think she made it because of our training run together. i made her into a champ. the race was on saturday and she got 80th place and ran a 8:40 something pace. enjoy some picture action and maybe a video if i can get it to work.


we also went to cheer on my sister on her first half marathon. she ran the monster dash in chicago and did great. i don't have the details on her final time. but i was able to see her twice. enjoy the pictures since this was a costume run.

marge from the simpsons

she was dressed up as a greek soccer player (original)
after a weekend full of cheering on others i am now itching to start racing again. now lets move on to our halloween celebration and pictures.

my little munchkin
for halloween we headed to sil house for some trick or treating. she had a bunch of friends and family over. my little man went as a monkey and my big man dressed up as a banana just for pictures. sit back and enjoy. 

from left to right- baby daddy with monkey alex then cow rosie (cousin) with sil kate
the entire group. alex is in the stroller next to another baby two months older than him dressed as a dog

baby alex and rosie with the devil
alex fell asleep after the first house but we went trick or treating anyway. clearly tom and i really wanted candy. 

rosie and alex matching. he wasn't having it.
you know it's time for a workout when you get this (image below) from dailymile. if that's not motivation then i don't know what is. it's because of this e-mail that i got my butt out of bed this morning for an easy (yea right) 2 mile run. 

stats from my run this morning:
2miles in 19min average pace 9:43

i will leave you with the usual- cute picture of my little man on our walk yesterday.



finally a running related blog post with just a hint of baby. 

i ran my second pp run the monday after we returned from vacation. we all know that monday's are the go-to date for starting or re-establishing workout routines. the measly two mile run was shamefully exhausting and difficult. i felt like an elephant. it was a cold morning which caused my lungs to ache from panting so much. i have nothing to brag about. getting back into shape is no easy task especially with winter right around the corner. i know it's going to get harder and harder to get out the door when the temps drop and like every major tv network is reporting, chicago is going to have the worst winter to date. not sure how they know this but i'm hoping they are wrong. back to my run. i look forward to the day this two mile run is my warmup rather than my workout. i felt i pushed myself because hubby had to get ready for work and i didn't want my slow butt to be the reason he was late, especially because it was his first day back after his part-time paternity leave. unfortunately even though i felt i pushed myself to get back, my time definitely did not reflect my efforts. 

running stats- 2miles in 21 minutes about a 10:13 pace

i would like to thank those who responded to my post about creating a cheer onesie for graces xc races. i loved your ideas and i think i am going to create one that says Amazing Grace. i watched grace run again last friday which was the race that would determine if she would qualify to run in the championship race. i haven't heard what the results were but i did snap some pretty neat pictures. the race was delayed some because CPS fired employees the morning of the race. so the coaches had to think quick and get creative on creating and setting up the race. kudos to them. 

grace showing her mom what place she got (113)
i ran my third postpartum run last night which felt much better than the last two. although i'm not running regularly or as regularly as i'd like but i am seeing results. i felt great while running. it's already beginning to feel less exhausting to run two miles. and my time is reflected by how i felt. i also wonder how much of it was the perfect running weather in chicago thus making it easier to breath. 

running stats- 2 miles in 20 minutes 9:46pace

tom scheduled me to go for a training run with grace after school today. i think we will likely run a mile or two. 

my sister is running her first half marathon (monster dash) this saturday and i hope to show my support by attending and maybe if i find the time i will make her a cheer onesie. i am so proud of her. love you sis. 

i will leave you with a picture of the little man.

alex cracks a smile



pre-vacation i took alex for his second month doctors appointment and we found out that i am doing a very good job feeding him since he gained 4lbs in 5 weeks (12lbs). the only concern was his eyes which have remained yell since birth. so we have retested his bilirubin levels. after his appointment we prepared for alex's first vacation.

on october 8th we boarded the plane and headed to boca rotan, fl. the little man fussed for a few minutes at the beginning of the flight and slept the rest of the three hours.

the in laws rented a three bedroom home with a screened in pool and spa. 

and the beach was only a ten minute walk from the house. we got to the house pretty late so we unpacked and called it a night. the second day we headed to visit family for a bbq where we enjoyed the pool with the little man and his cousin who is just 6 months older, that was before i realized that babies under 4 months should not be in a pool due to the chlorine. so here are the pictures from his only swim. 

she stole his pacifier to massage her gums

alex really seemed to enjoy the pool but we could only enjoy for a short while because you can't put sunscreen on babies under 6 months. we then did some research and discovered that we also couldn't put him in the ocean, not until 6months because of the salt water. 

later in the week we decided to head to the beach and we would put alex under the umbrella. we took turns swimming in the ocean while alex contently napped for an hour and a half. 

family came to visit us for the evening and we enjoyed local pizza when all of a sudden we began to notice alex turning red. fist his face then the insides of his arms and legs (hence sleeping position above). we are the worse parents. we first let him swim in a pool, then we let him get his first sunburn at only 2 months old. we truly felt terrible. we comforted him as best we could and by the time we returned home his face was peeling. the day after the beach incident he was officially two months and i couldn't miss taking his two month pictures however i will forever be reminded of how naive we were. 

we were able to enjoy a couple of nights away from alex where we enjoyed fine dining, thanks to grandma dd for watching him. one night we went to Trulucks where tom enjoyed the waiter placing the napkin on his lap and i enjoyed grilled salmon. my favorite place we dined was Whales Rib which was featured on diners, drive-ins and dives. I enjoyed the chicken sandwich twice. it was so good i made tom go back the night before we left for another one. i highly recommend this restaurant if you are near deerfield beach, fl. 

we returned to the beach on the morning we were scheduled to return to chicago for a family picture with the sunrise. the hubby was no fan of the early wake up time but this was once of a lifetime opportunity to get a family picture.

Then we headed home.

my second pp run post is up next. 



haven't been running since my first pp run because i experienced some unexpected bleeding (tmi) that has me concerned. so, i'm back on the bench until i feel completely healed.

however... our niece has joined the cross-country team and we plan to cheer her on today for her second meet. i have such great memories from my cross-country days in middle school and high school. she is one of the youngest on her team and i am super proud that she is following in my footsteps, but she's far better than i was at her age. she placed 11th at her first race and ran 8:46 mile. since we are super proud of her and want to support her i was thinking it would be a good idea to make baby alex a cheer shirt (onesie) to wear.

any ideas on what the onsie should say? her name is grace.

my ideas so far-

Grace's #1 Fan

run Hard grace

i'm not very creative so please help me think of onesie ideas. thanks in advance.