haven't been running since my first pp run because i experienced some unexpected bleeding (tmi) that has me concerned. so, i'm back on the bench until i feel completely healed.

however... our niece has joined the cross-country team and we plan to cheer her on today for her second meet. i have such great memories from my cross-country days in middle school and high school. she is one of the youngest on her team and i am super proud that she is following in my footsteps, but she's far better than i was at her age. she placed 11th at her first race and ran 8:46 mile. since we are super proud of her and want to support her i was thinking it would be a good idea to make baby alex a cheer shirt (onesie) to wear.

any ideas on what the onsie should say? her name is grace.

my ideas so far-

Grace's #1 Fan

run Hard grace

i'm not very creative so please help me think of onesie ideas. thanks in advance.


Kimberly said...

I was looking at onesies on Cafe Press and got the idea for "Grace's little pacer." Good luck and take care of yourself!

run4may said...

Love it Kimberly. Thanks for the idea.

Kovas said...

Amazing Grace!