pre-vacation i took alex for his second month doctors appointment and we found out that i am doing a very good job feeding him since he gained 4lbs in 5 weeks (12lbs). the only concern was his eyes which have remained yell since birth. so we have retested his bilirubin levels. after his appointment we prepared for alex's first vacation.

on october 8th we boarded the plane and headed to boca rotan, fl. the little man fussed for a few minutes at the beginning of the flight and slept the rest of the three hours.

the in laws rented a three bedroom home with a screened in pool and spa. 

and the beach was only a ten minute walk from the house. we got to the house pretty late so we unpacked and called it a night. the second day we headed to visit family for a bbq where we enjoyed the pool with the little man and his cousin who is just 6 months older, that was before i realized that babies under 4 months should not be in a pool due to the chlorine. so here are the pictures from his only swim. 

she stole his pacifier to massage her gums

alex really seemed to enjoy the pool but we could only enjoy for a short while because you can't put sunscreen on babies under 6 months. we then did some research and discovered that we also couldn't put him in the ocean, not until 6months because of the salt water. 

later in the week we decided to head to the beach and we would put alex under the umbrella. we took turns swimming in the ocean while alex contently napped for an hour and a half. 

family came to visit us for the evening and we enjoyed local pizza when all of a sudden we began to notice alex turning red. fist his face then the insides of his arms and legs (hence sleeping position above). we are the worse parents. we first let him swim in a pool, then we let him get his first sunburn at only 2 months old. we truly felt terrible. we comforted him as best we could and by the time we returned home his face was peeling. the day after the beach incident he was officially two months and i couldn't miss taking his two month pictures however i will forever be reminded of how naive we were. 

we were able to enjoy a couple of nights away from alex where we enjoyed fine dining, thanks to grandma dd for watching him. one night we went to Trulucks where tom enjoyed the waiter placing the napkin on his lap and i enjoyed grilled salmon. my favorite place we dined was Whales Rib which was featured on diners, drive-ins and dives. I enjoyed the chicken sandwich twice. it was so good i made tom go back the night before we left for another one. i highly recommend this restaurant if you are near deerfield beach, fl. 

we returned to the beach on the morning we were scheduled to return to chicago for a family picture with the sunrise. the hubby was no fan of the early wake up time but this was once of a lifetime opportunity to get a family picture.

Then we headed home.

my second pp run post is up next. 


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

hey you were in my neck of the woods!! hope you didn't have to spend all your time in the rain we had lately.

track coach and adorable wife said...

Poor little guy! Looks like a fun time, though!

Britt said...

what a sweet face! almost makes me want to have one...almost. but geeze it seems like there are a lot of things that babies can't do, how the heck is one supposed to know that? too many rules.

Sara said...

What a great family photo - love it! I would not know any of those things about what you can/can't do with a baby unless someone told me!

Glad you got to have a vacation with your family and learn some things too! ;) Thanks for sharing them!