i'm a busy bee lately. lots to catch up on. here is what i have been up to. lots of running around. literally.

first my run with grace went well. i realized how difficult it is for a 10 year old to focus on one thing (running) for 30 minutes. i ran at her pace since i didn't want to intimidate her, because then she may never want to run with her aunt again. so i tried to make small talk, asked her how school was, and all her other activities. i realized how much of a busy bee she is. she's dancing in the joffrey ballet again this year (3rd year in a row), she also dances on wednesdays for her usual dance studio, and she obviously is now in xc. since our run was a week before halloween she was preoccupied by all the decorations. the great news is since our training run which was a little more than a week ago, her school placed high enough to make it into the championship race. super proud of her but i'd like to take some credit. i think she made it because of our training run together. i made her into a champ. the race was on saturday and she got 80th place and ran a 8:40 something pace. enjoy some picture action and maybe a video if i can get it to work.


we also went to cheer on my sister on her first half marathon. she ran the monster dash in chicago and did great. i don't have the details on her final time. but i was able to see her twice. enjoy the pictures since this was a costume run.

marge from the simpsons

she was dressed up as a greek soccer player (original)
after a weekend full of cheering on others i am now itching to start racing again. now lets move on to our halloween celebration and pictures.

my little munchkin
for halloween we headed to sil house for some trick or treating. she had a bunch of friends and family over. my little man went as a monkey and my big man dressed up as a banana just for pictures. sit back and enjoy. 

from left to right- baby daddy with monkey alex then cow rosie (cousin) with sil kate
the entire group. alex is in the stroller next to another baby two months older than him dressed as a dog

baby alex and rosie with the devil
alex fell asleep after the first house but we went trick or treating anyway. clearly tom and i really wanted candy. 

rosie and alex matching. he wasn't having it.
you know it's time for a workout when you get this (image below) from dailymile. if that's not motivation then i don't know what is. it's because of this e-mail that i got my butt out of bed this morning for an easy (yea right) 2 mile run. 

stats from my run this morning:
2miles in 19min average pace 9:43

i will leave you with the usual- cute picture of my little man on our walk yesterday.

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Sara said...

Adorable Halloween pics! So cute! I loved reading this post - put a big smile on my face on a dreary afternoon.

Congrats to your sister! That is awesome.